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TTRide Season2Season
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TTRide season2season

South Africa - 13th Sep, 2013 to 19th Apr, 2014

31 Week - £ 4945.00

Ticket to Ride has teamed up with ski season specialists to bring a cutting edge combination of surfing and skiing, offering back to back seasons and providing the Ultimate Gap Year.

It is simply the perfect combination of surfing and skiing/snowboarding. All riders will take a 1 week cooking course with (which guarantees a job in an Alps ski resort) at the end of August. The rest is up to you...

We have two options available:

Option 1
TTRide South Africa + Winter Ski/Snowboard Season

After your cooking course join TTRide South Africa, the signature 10 week course from September to November before heading to the Alps to take up your position in one of Europe's top ski resorts.

Option 2
Winter Ski/Snowboard Season + TTRide African Road Trip

Come away on TTRide's African Road Trip Surf Course after your ski season, for 6 weeks of adventure heading to TTRide’s 5 favourite stops along the sunny South African coastline!
By adopting latest techniques in surf coaching as well as developing our own, the TTRide South Africa course has a proven ability in delivering the equivalent of 2 ½ years surfing experience by the end of the 10 week course.

Ticket to Ride surf coaching focuses not only on enhancing each Riders surfing ability, but also on ensuring an all-round knowledge of surfing as a sports, lifestyle and ultimate travel companion.

The Surf Course outline is as follows:
• Coaching from South Africa's most highly regarded surf coaches.
• Unlimited additional coaching from your Ticket to Ride trip leaders.
• Small Student to Instructor Ratios.
• Tailored surf coaching for surfing at every level.
• Learning on the right equipment (the biggest mistake made by those who try an learn alone)
• Learning on world class waves, speeds progression and makes surfing so much more fun.
• Discounts on equipment including Clayton Surfboards.

Master the basics...
• Paddling / Wave catching
• Duck Diving
• The “Pop Up”
• Speed Control & Trimming
• Basic Turning
• Surf Etiquette

Rapid Progression...
• Linking Turns & Generating Speed
• Developing style and flow.
• Introduction to different set ups – including reef and point breaks.
• Introduction to more advanced surfing.
• Video & Photo Analysis – the most effective coaching that delivers results.

Ocean Awareness...
• Swell Prediction Course.
• Beach and Ocean Safety.
• Surf Fitness.
Putting something back into the local community is a central part of each Rider’s experience in South Africa and overall adventure with Ticket to Ride. Each project underlines Ticket to Ride’s commitment to having a positive impact on the local community whilst also giving you the chance to do your bit for the local community.

The TTRide South Africa course gives you the opportunity to involve yourself in a number of on going community projects that are either founded or supported by the Ticket to Ride Foundation on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Ticket to Ride Community Projects include:

• Township Football Coaching.
• Helping out at the township day care centre teaching, sport music, arts and crafts.
• Teaching local township children how to surf.
• Ensuring that the local school is able to offer its children proper meals.
• Helping with localised environmental projects.
• Surfing with street kids.
Option 1:
After your cooking course head off to South Africa for 10 weeks learning to surf and getting involved in community projects whilst travelling around the coast of one of the most diverse and amazing countries in the world, before returning to take up your position in the Alps.

1 - Cookery Course...
Take a 1 week cooking course prior to the start of your adventures, and guarantee yourself a job in a top ski resort...(5 day Courses run through July/August)

2 - South Africa...
Travel to 8 unique locations around South Africa surfing the world’s best waves and putting something back into the local community…(September - November)

3 - Working in the Alps...
Head off to one of Europes Premier ski resorts to take up a position courtesy of (December -April)

4 - Coach Surfing...
Following your ski season come back to the UK to work in one of the UK's surf school's with our TTRide Recruitment service... (May - September)

Option 2:
Combine your ski season with TTRide's awesome African Road Trip that includes visiting 5 of our favourite South African destinations to enjoy world class surfing conditions.

1 - Cookery Course
Take a 1 week cookery course prior to the start of your adventures, and guarantee yourself a job in a top ski resort...

2 - Work in the Alps
Head off to one of Europes Premier ski resorts to take up a position courtesy of for a lifechanging 5 month season...

3 - South Africa
Travel to five of our favourite South African destinations over a 6 week period on our African Road trip, learning to surf, and getting involved in community projects...

See you out there...
The following are all included in the programme:

Cookery Course
•  All tuition fees
•  5 days tuition
•  4 nights' accommodation* (single at St Teresa's, shared otherwise)
•  Continental breakfast
•  Mid-morning tea/coffee plus refreshments
•  Lunch, afternoon tea, dinner with wine
•  All ingredients for cooking
Tuition from experienced chalet staff and qualified teachers
•  Basic Food Hygiene Certificate qualification
•  Specialist sessions on Alpine specific issues
•  The Natives Chalet Cook Book
•  Natives Apron and T shirt
•  Diploma (if you pass!)
•  Guaranteed offer of a job through Natives (if you pass with a grade B!)

In South Africa we also include:

We also include:
• Welcome Braii.
• Climb Table Mountain.
• Visit and sample the Cape Winelands.
• Meet Penguins on the beach.
• High-five a baboon in the car park (we dare you!).
• Conquer the World’s Highest Bungee.
• Hold a baby Lion Cub Sanctuary.
• Clayton Surfboard Factory Tour.
• Ride the Flow Rider.
• Head out on a day’s Game Drive Safari.
• Leaving Braii

(It is also possible to include Breakfast and Dinner Monday to Friday, speak to a TTRide course advisor for more advice on this).

Not Included but on offer
• Sky Diving
• Gorge Swing
• Quad Bikes
• Go Karting
• Scuba Diving
• Fishing
• Kitesurfing

Bookings & Enquiries

+44 (0)20 8788 8668

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What People Say...

Katie Mousley 18 - TTRide Season2Season

I was first introduced to Ticket to Ride when they visited our Gap year fair at college in 2009. I met with will and knew straight away this was the package I wanted to do for my year out. I had always wanted to do a ski season in my gap year and combining it with a surf course looked fantastic! It cost hardly anything more and I got double the experience.

The season2season package started with a cookery course held by natives. It was a fantastic week where I met lots of new friends, learnt new skills and gained confidence in my cooking. I was then helped by natives to apply for jobs and was offered a job in Courchevel as a hotel assistant. With this in mind I was amped to get out to South Africa and enjoy the first part of my trip.

South Africa was incredible! Words can’t describe the amount of fun I had with the most fantastic people. I felt because we were led on an organised trip by locals I got the most out of the country and really experience Africa. The fantastic thing about Ticket to Rides’ trips is that you don’t only get to surf in the most beautiful and exciting places in the world but also work with local townships, skydive, bungee jump, safari and the most memorable moment was staying with a African family for the night. It was a once in a lifetime experience that not many people will get to do and thanks to Ticket to Ride I was able to.

Leaving South Africa was upsetting as it felt like the end of an era but I was lucky in the sense that I still have 5 months to look forward to living on a mountain!

As I was working whilst on the mountain it wasn’t the same experience as South Africa but I still an incredible time. I worked hard and played hard leading to me meeting lifelong friends, gaining independence and also improving my skiing to a high level.
I would not change anything about my gap year. It was perfect. I was able to learn how to surf from scratch, make life long friends, experience things I never thought I would, gain lifeguard qualifications that I hope to use in the future and I became a lot more independent which will be vital as I am off to university soon so I need to start growing up!!!

I would recommend the season2season package to anybody who doesn’t mind working hard to experience an amazing 8 months in 2 completely different places. You will come out at the end of this trip with new skills, new friends and a lot of fantastic memories.

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