Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and collaborate, but education is trying to match up in the places it lacked in technology which can help one change the world. Education has eliminated the barrier of quality education to all across the world. There are many compiled key trends which the industry is experiencing at the moment.

Online education

Just like ticket booking, watching TV shows, ordering food is becoming online and so is education. The number of internet users is increasing rapidly, and with the increase in smartphones can provide for a good opportunity to help deliver education online. Online education is slowly and surely becoming more and more popular with the interest of working professionals to learn new things. The internet has given access to professional educators space where they can teach people interested in their home. There are many online courses which provide the offering courses which was autonomous, and private can have the right mass market, which can also have no limit with regulated segments.

Online Assessments

Digital and comprehensive online assessments

The success of education largely depends on the type of evaluation. Evaluating the students has allergy based on analysis of theoretical knowledge of the student. Students usually write theory answers in the exams and can be evaluated with another. Knowledge is not just stuck to the data available, and with this drastic change, one can see the impact of the era of the internet. Knowledge management and collaborations tools which can allow you to have the right institutes improve practical knowledge of the students. These tools can be more users which can allow you to have the practical knowledge to help improve with the technology. AI-driven assessment can help personalise the students and can be done using online examinations systems.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is something which can include the dominate innovation, which is becoming increasingly popular by the day. There are many articles which are written on blockchain exploring the ways in which it can be collaborated, distributed based on information. Blockchain can be used in many areas which include examinations management, student credentials verification, etc. There is no way that there are third party authority, an employer which can allow one to validate to mark the degree obtained by the students. Blockchain technology can help eliminate the information collaborations, which can allow one to make less the mistakes. Blockchain technology can help one have the store digital copies of the student certificates in a distributed and collaborated environment. These are collaborative approach which can allow one to make many issues like loss of original degree certification or mark sheet. This will make sure that you have access to authentication of the student education records.