The Estérel Mountains are 320 km² of rugged beauty (of which 130 km² is a protected nature reserve), located in the regions of Var and the Maritime Alps. An exquisite spot to explore by car, foot or bike, with secluded swimming spots perfect for cooling off after an active day, it makes for the ideal day trip from St Tropez for nature lovers and anyone who loves a good view. Here’s how to get there and all the best things to do in the Estérel Mountains.

Planning a day trip from St Tropez to the Estérel mountains? Here’s what you need to know


How to get to the Estérel mountains from St Tropez

The mountains are roughly an hour and a half drive from St Tropez, but there are also quicker boat trips that will take you on an adventure from the glamorous seaside town to the dramatic mountains. For pure luxury, why not charter a yacht for the day, allowing you to travel in privacy and comfort and explore at your own pace.

What is there to do in the Estérel mountains?

If you are searching for things to do around St Tropez that are a little different from the town’s array of beach clubs and boutiques, look no further.


Supervised hikes are available by guides from the ONF (National Forest Office) – experts who know everything there is to know about the mountain and the luscious foliage that grows there. If you want to go it alone, many of the more popular walks are signposted, such as those up to the Pic de l’Ours (496 m) and the Pic du Cap Roux (452 m).



For those of you with road bikes, the cycle from Mandelieu-la-Napoule is popular. If you are looking to really exert yourself on your day trip from St Tropez, you can make this route a 50 km loop by heading inland at Fréjus and taking the D6007 (Avenue de Fréjus) back to Mandelieu.

For mountain bikers, the Estérel Mountains have hundreds of kilometres of exhilarating mountain bike trails. Take a ride through the hills behind Théoule-sur-Mer for mind blowing panoramas when you reach the top.



If you’d rather appreciate nature without working up a sweat, why not drive the Corniche de l’Estérel, being sure to check out the iconic view of the red mountain next to azure blue waters. It’s only a 30 km car journey, running from Saint-Raphaël via Agay, Antheor, Le Trayas, Théoule-sur-Mer, Mandelieu-La-Napoule to Cannes. Stop along the way to fully take it all in – the best places to do so are Pointe de l’Esquillon and Cap Roux.



If the weather is sunny – and on a day trip from St Tropez, you are likely to still be blessed with that famous French Riviera sunshine – why not take a swim in one of the bays of the calanques on the coast? For swimming with a side order of history, head to Dramont beach, which is known for being one of the World War II landing beaches used by the invading allied forces.

We hope that this has helped you if you were looking for things to do around St Tropez. Fallen in love with this beautiful area and all the activities it has to offer? Then why not buy a provencal style villa in St Tropez, allowing you to rediscover its delights everyday. You won’t regret it…